Enjoying the journey of Life

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Thinking about life quite a bit. In my time, I consider myself a very fortunate man. I don’t consider myself fortunate because my life has somehow become perfect. Nope, not at all. In fact, I like some of you who may read these very words, struggle with various aspects of my daily life. I don’t believe there are many humans alive who can (honestly) claim to have no struggles.

I guess the words of the great philosopher Billy Gibbons come to mind:

I been up, I been down

You see, in my time, I’ve tasted a bit of Hell and a bit of Heaven. I’ve tasted the depts of despair and the heights of the greatest joys.

Sometimes when I look at decisions I’ve made and the consequences of those decisions, it is easy to get discouraged. I say this because I have a destination in mind. A vision for where I would love to be in life. One needs this destination, this vision, this ideal to build a road map around in “The Walk of Life“.

But comparing my life to the “ideal” vision that I have as a destination must not be done so comparatively that I beat myself over the head with a stick or with an array of incredibly sad blues songs for not being in my ideal destination already (why not!?!?). Although I love the blues. Don’t get me wrong. 😉

Taking stock of my current every day life and seeing where I am in comparison to my ideal destination, the picture that I am going towards, versus where I’ve come from in the consequences of my decisions and the building towards the destination is where the true value of this ideal seems to be.

There is no magic bullet in paying off debt. One must work and pay it off. There is no short cut in the process of forgiving your fellow human being. There is no short cut in the practice of patience while driving behind the slowest of drivers.

Perseverance is one of the most important elements in moving towards your destination and also in the practice of paying off debt, forgiveness and patience. But still, perseverance in and of itself, along with other character traits do not dictate the outcome of getting to your destination or not.

Funny thing about life, we all go through it. Time moves on. And each year, we “arrive” at new destinations in our lives. No matter if we persevere or not. You end up “somewhere”. Sometimes even in places you’ve wanted to be despite yourself. And in many ways, we cannot control the outcome of our moving towards our destination. So many variables present themselves life is, in large part, out of our control.

However, what is in our control seems to be the most important thing. How we take the journey. How do we react to the fellow in front of us who is emptying his pocket full of change at the cash register while we impatiently wait. How we sit in our car and accept that the one driving in front of us is driving much too slow for our liking. Or get angry cursing under our breath….. Or…. we get out and get all road raged.

How do I react to the events in my life? What is my character?

This is where life happens. This is life. In the little things we can gradually set ourselves off course from our planned destination, or we can cut the wheel, ditch the vision and run for our lives in panic.

I believe that how I take my every day life is where I can find fulfilment. Because if I live in a way where I reek of impatience, intolerance, unforgiveness…etc… I’m not living a fulfilled life no matter what my ideal destination looks like. Do I really believe that I need a brand new car? That big (insert whatever here)? That shiny (…)? That new (…)?…. etc. And do I believe it is the most important thing… Is “it” my focus?

When I live well, I am well. I feel well.

When I focus on the things I desire as the most important thing in my motivation then it becomes part of me to get impatient (see slow traffic), to become greedy, to become posessive…etc.

How I live the journey I’m on, the life I’m living is key, I believe, to a happy life. Always grasping for more seems to indicate never being content. That is not to say wanting a new “something” is wrong. It is not. But if it is the main focus, I believe gets a little heavier.

I believe we are meant to enjoy our lives. Live well.