Overdue updates

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I’ve always wanted to write on a variety of topics. At times I find I’ve been draining of the energy required to think and write. And…. writing is something I’ve always loved doing as a hobby.

So I’ve decided to list books that I have, that I will read and that I am currently reading. This is a little project of mine. I’ve been in “reading mode” as of late and have also accumulated a long list of books on a variety of topics to read.

So, I’ve started to add this and created a new page “Books I’m Reading“.

So I’ll be writing on some of this on occasion. As well as possibly writing on general happenings in life.


Be blessed.

  • I just started reading the 2nd hunger game book, mind you I never actually read the 1st one 🙂

    • Very cool… 😉

      I’ve (secretly) done that with a couple of books before… but I did go back and read the previous in the series…. pretty sure… haha