Quiet Time, Quality Time

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Chippy the ChipmunkI got to spend some time with my daughter tonight, turned out to be a nice quiet evening. She was sick last night, really sick in fact, and today she was still recovering.

Still tired, we cuddled up on the couch tonight. At first she wanted to watch a movie on NetFlix, and while looking around she couldn’t really find anything or make up her mind. I had wanted to watch something with her that featured animals and wildlife. Something like National Geographic…

She’s always been interested in animals. The Toronto Zoo, for example, was one of the highlights of our trip to Toronto a year and a half ago.

We spent about 45 minutes watching a National Geographic film on a Lion and it’s on going struggle to survive. This lion being alone and always challenged by a large pack of laughing hyenas seemed quite strategic (so the story went).

This time together was great. She had never heard the “laughing” of hyenas and we got to talk and connect about nature. Also an important moment in deepening our relationship as father and daughter.

At the time these moments may not seem as important as, working on our taxes, cleaning the house, doing this or that… because “there will be another night”…etc. But we must not forget that when our kids ask us a question, maybe it’s time to focus on them to give an answer, when they need to talk maybe it’s time to slow down and listen…. and when they need quality alone time, maybe it’s time to slow down and focus on giving them the attention they need. (It’s about love)

I’m blessed to have such a wonderful little girl.

  • Kimberly Walsh

    Fantastic read and a heartwarming tale of events in a Daddy & Daughter moment. I am working on my own “slow down” pace and as a widowed/single Mom, it can be challenging at best. Patience can be a struggle but it is nice to know that I am not alone in this crazy life of parenting and that I have wonderful people, like yourself, to remind me to “slow down”. Thanks Yves 🙂