Finished reading “Unstoppable” by Ralph Nader

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Ralph Nader - UnstoppableI just finished reading “Unstoppable” by Ralph Nader.

I bought this book a year ago while I was in Toronto, having a long list of books in which to read this one fell in line for some time.

Seems as though I always stock pile books for future reading…. and I’m a sucker for bargain books that interest me…

I believe I can call Mr Nader one of my “heroes” if you will. While I used to look up to rock stars almost exclusively in my youth I’ve come to admire people with ideas, ideas that actually tackle the everyday issues people all around the world face and people who work towards those putting those ideas in motion.

Ralph Nader is one of those people. Mr Nader has long worked “for people”.  The seat belt being one of the everyday standard safety features that we can thank him for.

I must say that in reading books that are in the vein of politics or current events, it’s sometimes hard to find optimism. But in this book there is some hope.

Hope that at heart, political entities of different “stripe” can find common ground. The ideas in the book highlight much opportunity in the traditional ideas that usually plagues these political entities with the “it’s us against them” mentality, instead highlighting the actual democratic principles of conversation, debate and compromise.

In today’s age it is hard to see through the clouds of partisan news reports, advertisements and social media barrage that paint most issues as a political impasse. But in reality, there can be common ground at least to those politicians who are in office to serve their constituents. As for those who serve $$$$$, they have their agenda.

Certainly a great read.