To the person who went through my car for things to steal

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It’s Dec 24th 2016 as I write this….

Hey, first off I’d like to thank you for 1 thing… when I saw my car I never realised just how much crap there was in my car’s dash. I mean the papers…etc… what clutter.

At least it will all be cleaned out now.

I’d also like to say…. I’m sorry that you likely didn’t find much in value.¬†The few CDs that were in the car obviously weren’t to your liking and that’s cool I guess.

But, here’s the more important thing I’d like to say to you. I understand that life is pretty hard and Christmas time is sometimes all the harder. Whether it’s some level of poverty to which we should all be more concerned about or addiction which I understand all too well…. I forgive you.

I remember living in a way that had me do similar things. I remember the mental anguish, the remorse… the paranoia… after a time it literally drove me crazy.

There’s something else I’d like you to know. Actually, there’s something I’d like you to have, although it’s not something I can personally give you.

It’s my hope, it’s my prayer for you, that someday you will find peace of mind and freedom from want. That¬†doesn’t mean winning the lottery…. but it does mean finding a way thinking, a way of life or a way of doing things that keeps you filled with empathy for others. That brings joy in your life….

That’s the short version.

I have to say also, and take this as a piece of advice, that although I am forgiving…. were you to break into my home or someone else’s while they are home and you are confronted, I may not be as kind. Nor will most others.

Remember, there’s an old proverb (several actually) that says “A man reaps what he sows”. I understand it as true all too well from personally experience.

So that’s for you, whoever you are…. because ultimately…. you know who you are.