What do you value most?

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New Year's Eve, Dec 2016So what do you value most? Why?

Ever think about it? 

Sometimes it’s easy to come up with an answer, years gone by my answers to these questions would’ve undoubtedly been different than they would be today.

Even how I saw myself, say 15 years ago, and how I see how I was 15 years ago would be completely different.

I would’ve given you an answer like “music, friends/family,charity”…etc. But to be brutally honest, I believe what I in fact valued most back then was me. I hate to admit it, but it’s simply true.

While I used to think I valued people, friends, charity…. these things that may sound more “noble” or “moral” (or whatever word you care to use… you get my drift)….

I have to look at where my $$ went (this is usually a clear indicator of what someone really cares about) and how I spent my time in daily action and my thought life (see between the first set of parentheses). Does how I spend my $$ and how I spend my thought life/days line up with my answer on what means the most to me?

Basically I’ve come to the conclusion that while I said I believed in charity, in the importance of family and friends…. I really spent little time thinking about and/or $$ in doing what I could to be helpful. I was, and still am at times, a prisoner to…. what we can call “the cult of the self” (or Selfism).

Always thinking about what I will do with my next pay check, what NBA/NHL game I need to watch, what albums I need to buy… what movie I should watch…. how I feel… my unfulfilled desires….

To some degree, one can say this is kinda normal, after all, I live with myself, in my own body and my existence every moment of my life. But why do I even bring this up?

I’ve come to believe that my life works much better when I can be mindful of the people around me. When I try and spend more time thinking and positioning myself to be of service to others, spending time with, charity, being helpful, my experience in this existence seems to be “better”.

In today’s age, we are constantly bombarded with messages to encourage individualism and there are pressures at every twist and turn to encourage “individualism”. And this “individualist selfism” encourages or maybe births apathy towards others. Their problems are “theirs”.

Community is one thing I’ve come to value. Complete self reliance is a bit of a dream. In fact, in order for you to read this message and for me to type it right now…. it has taken hundreds of years of scientific research to get to the computer and the internet…. and none of that scientific research was done by me.

I know that my thoughts here are a bit scattered… frankly, I’m tired, was a late night…. but…. We are dependant upon each other.

This brings me to the real reason I wrote this. Last night, we had a New Year’s Eve celebration at our home with family and friends. It was a wonderful evening. What made it wonderful wasn’t that we all won $$ or had the best clothes ever. What made it a wonderful evening is that we all spent time together, we talked, we listened, we joked, played games….. and we laughed. We laughed a lot.

Ever laugh? I have. I like it.

Try laughing alone. Spend your life working harder and harder…. buying that car… those shoes…. that home… maybe a cottage….. borrow more $$…. distract yourself with TV and trips to God knows where….etc…. Sit at home and laugh like we did. I never could.

If I don’t take the time for other people, to speak, listen, joke….. etc. I’ll never laugh like I laughed last night.

I hope that some of your 2017 is spent with a hearty laugh!

That’s my blurb!