My name is Yves.

First off, I’m a daddy. Being a father has helped change my perspective on many things in life. I try and remember what it was like for me growing up and sometimes being confused by what I was told by adults. And how I saw the world work.

I try to be the best dad I can be. If you have kids, then it is your mission to do all you can for them. It slowly eats at your very being if you don’t. This I believe.

I’m a musician. Music has always spoken to me. Live performance and on the moment improvisation are some of “the spice of life”…. as is a great conversation. Always opportunities to learn in different musical styles as with conversations with different people.

Also, I’m a computer guy. I’m always learning something, reading a tech blog.. or mucking around trying to figure something out. Well, not “always”. It just sounds good to say it that way.

This blog amounts to my personal blog, where I’ll be reflecting on life. I’m kind of a thinker and not the most eloquent of writers. So at times my limited writing skills will surely show. But I certainly don’t find that a deterrent in trying to express myself in this way. If anything, a sure way to become better at something is to do it and look at how to improve.

Mistakes are part of a learning process.