Killer Cults

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James J. Boyle - Killer

Deranged messiahs…brainwashed devotees…deadly consequences.

Descend into the harrowing world of the Killer Cults. See for yourself how bands of self-proclaimed “angels of death,” fueled by lust, power and the thrill of death, committed unspeakable acts of violence.

Now, for the first time, author James J. Boyle takes you inside the inner sanctum of:

The Manson Family: They prayed to their own warped vision of the Holy Trinity– sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. Under the spell of Charles Manson, a two-bit ex-con they worshipped as a god, they butchered nine people in their 1969 Hollywood killing spree, including beautiful actress Sharon Tate and her unborn child.

The People’s Temple: Reverend Jim Jones offered his congregation a vision of heaven and earth. Little did they know that following him to the South American jungle to await the Apocalypse would put them on the path to Hell.

Luc Jouret and The Solar Temple: Belgian spiritualist Luc Jouret warned that the world would end in environmental armageddon. For Jouret and 53 followers of his secretive New Age cult, the end would come all too soon– in a fiery mass-death ritual that shocked the world, and shattered the peace of an idyllic Swiss Alpine community.