The Female Brain

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The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine,

“I’ve found I can change the conversation at any social gathering by mentioning Louann Brizendine’s book, The Female Brain
– David Brooks, New York TimesĀ 

“Louann Brizendine has been a pioneer in using medical science to empower her women patients. Now she seeks to share her hard-won knowledge with a wider audience. The result is a timely, insightful, readable, and altogether magnificent book.”
– Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, author of Mother Nature

“Finally, a satisfying answer to Freud’s question ‘What does a woman want?’ Louann Brizendine has done a great favor for every man who wants to understand the puzzling women in his life. A breezy and enlightening guide to women – and a must-read for men.”
– Daniel Goleman, author of Social Intelligence